Reopening Plan

When are we going to reopen the Faithbridge physical campus?

Below you will find some useful dates, links, and information about when we plan to meet in-person again. Complete the Faithbridge Reopening Questionnaire to give us feedback on what that might look like.

  • August 2

    Campus Soft-Launch

    Our staff and leaders will gather by invitation on Sunday, August 2 for our servers to learn how we will run Sunday.

  • August 9

    Campus Soft-Launch

    Our second soft-launch will be on Sunday, August 9.

  • August 16

    Public Reopening #1

    We will reopen to the public on Sunday, August 16.

  • August 23

    "The New Normal!"

    On-campus ministry continues on-goingly on Sunday, August 23.

Faithbridge Reopening Questionnaire

We need your help! Give us feedback on how to best plan for our campus reopening.

Answer Questionnaire